My Services for You: Seminars and Workshops on Intercultural Competence
for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Kambodscha, Myanmar

Intercultural Training

Training for employees with focus on specialized topics, e.g., preparation for a business trip, leadership and motivation, planning a trade fair appearance, ‘Train-the-trainer’, preparing service employees, conflict management, global leadership

Expatriate Training

Extensive preparation for you and your family before your journey to China or within the Chinese cultural region; followed by telephone coaching as well as internet support during your stay

German Business Culture

Intercultural support for employees and business people from Asian countries in Germany

Working Virtually

Opportunity and challenge in the global era of cooperation, leadership and communication

This is what is special about my trainings: customized workshops with high practical relevance; an open, trusting learning atmosphere and a broad mix of interactive learning methods